Quality & Testing

Most packaging units today, are just printing presses. Not Hanu Prints ! we have a well-equipped laboratory for testing various parameters pertaining to paper/board. The laboratory is equipped with weighing balance, caliper micrometer, bursting strength tester, folding endurance tester, Bendsten smoothness and porosity tester, stiffness tester, C.O.F Tester and Cobb tester. Similarly, for checking ink and printing results, we are quipped with spectro densitometer, RR tester, grinding gauge, B4 cup, etc. Our ink matching centre, apart from being set up in collaboration with one of the largest ink manufacturers in the world, is fully computerized. You can now have inks mixed and matched to your specifications on the world famous pantone standard. In addition, our crease bend testing equipment determines the machine running optimization and the creasing channel conditions of creased and uncreased carton samples with different tool configurations to compile statistics on quality. So what you get in our package deal are packages that are tried and tested and found worthy of carrying your brand's name and image. We have an extremely well equipped laboratory which acts as the watch dog to keep stringent control over quality of all incoming materials as well asfinished products.

Ink Matching Center

At both our plants we have setup an ink management system based on world famous Pa ntone standard. This system allows us to mix and match inks from a set of base colors thereby not only reducing inventory but also providing inks of the desired shade consistently. These in-house ink kitchens are managed by some of the world's leading manufacturers of inksfrom Europe.

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